Best-selling W.W. Norton AP® books comprehensively prepare students to successfully pass the AP exam. Now with extensive student and teacher digital resources!

Advanced Placement® English Language & Composition

A reader with extensive writing support. Covers all the Big Ideas in the newest AP course.

A rich, diverse collection of 150 exemplar readings with a thematically-organized table of contents.

A best seller with extensive supplemental support for teaching argumentation.

Over 30 readings with a unique approach to rhetoric, argument, research, and reading critically.

A trusted and engaging collection of 65 short essays, arranged by rhetorical pattern, with practical instruction on how to write an essay.

A pocket-sized handbook for grammar, punctuation, and documentation.

Advanced Placement® Literature

Organized by genre and includes 66 stories, 296 poems and 14 plays. Covers the entire arc of writing—from reading notes to research paper.

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Reflects the 2016 MLA guidelines and defines more than 225 must-know literary terms. Offers an abundance of examples and exercises to enhance understanding.

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Advanced Placement® Capstone

A unique reader focused on the challenges, uncertainties, and decisions that high school students face. Utilize for the seminar portion of AP Capstone.

Seventy-seven readings strike a balance between Western and non-Western, classic and contemporary, verbal and visual. Fulfills the seminar portion of the AP Capstone course.

Flexible, brief, and user-friendly with readings arranged by genre. Teachers can focus on genres, modes, or the writing process. Fulfills the research portion of the AP Capstone course.

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